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NIO reaches 30 Power Swap Stations in Europe and over 2,200 worldwide

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NIO reached a total of 30 Power Swap Stations (PSS) across 5 European markets and over 2,200 worldwide. Today. NIO continued its European expansion of the Charging and Battery Swapping services with the opening of two new PSSs in Malmö and Arlandastad, Sweden. Both PSS belong to the third generation, which can perform up to 408 swaps per day and store up to 21 batteries.

NIO now has a total of 2,217 Power Swap Stations spread across 6 markets which have provided nearly 33 million battery swaps to NIO Users.

The Battery Swap Technology continues to see an increased adoption rate in all the markets with NIO providing an average of over 60,000 battery swaps per day. In the last two weeks, NIO welcomed two new major partners to its Battery Swap technology, Geely Holding and Changan Auto.

NIO expanding services across Europe
NIO’s extensive European PSS facilities have already demonstrated how extensive journeys can be completed quickly and extremely easily, with drives from Hamburg to Oslo and Amsterdam to Munich relying solely on NIO’s strategically positioned swap stations for the entire trips.

NIO has already established its first European factory in Biatorbágy, Hungary in 2022, which covers the assembly and after-sales service of battery swapping stations, training for power operations in Europe, and the research and development of NIO Power products.

In May 2023, NIO announced the expansion of the 3rd party charging network to 6 new European countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. With this addition, NIO reached a total of 500,000 charging points from main operators spread by 11 European countries providing an even better charging experience to all the European Users.

NIO and Geely
Yesterday, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely), China’s leading privately-controlled automotive technology group and NIO Holding (NIO) have signed a strategic partnership agreement on battery swapping in Hangzhou. Both parties agreed to carry out comprehensive cooperation on battery standards, battery swapping technology, battery swapping network expansion and operation, swappable model development, and battery asset management.

With preferential policies and an expanding network, battery swapping is being embraced by more EV users. NIO’s “chargeable, swappable, upgradeable” service system provides private car users with the best recharging solution in the industry. With years of experience in providing battery swapping for commercial vehicles, Yiyi Power is now looking to expand its presence in more cities.

Based on the principles of strategic recognition, sharing, and openness, both parties will complement each other’s advantages on the basis of their existing businesses and strategically cooperate in the area of battery swapping. In accordance with the agreement and through a “co-investment, co- construction, shared, co-operative” model, both parties will co-develop two battery swapping standards for private cars and commercial vehicles, accelerate the development and promotion of battery swapping technology on the vehicle end, and expand the operational scale of battery swapping to provide more convenient, comprehensive and safe services for users with different needs. Both parties will establish an efficient battery asset management mechanism, build a unified battery swap operation, and develop battery swappable vehicles compatible with each other’s battery swap systems.

The partnership, in line with China’s development direction of new infrastructure and new energy, will further standardize battery swapping technology, increase the scale of the battery swap network, and accelerate the low-carbon transformation of the automotive industry.

“NIO and Geely share a profound understanding of battery swapping and have been dedicated to the investment in battery swapping technology and network for private cars and commercial vehicles with rich experience in swapping service and operations,” said William Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO. “As a leading company in the Chinese automotive market, Geely Holding’s rapid development in the new energy field is impressive. This strategic partnership will further popularize battery swapping, bring quality and convenient battery swapping experience to more users and contribute to the steady development of the smart EV industry. We will continue to advance the construction of battery swapping network for NIO users and improve the users’ experience, while collaborating with partners to launch the construction of a shared battery swapping network.”

“Green sustainable development and carbon neutrality have become a global consensus,” said Eric Li, Founder and Chairman of Geely Holding. “As one of the most innovative methods for recharging electric vehicles, the future development of battery swapping technology requires the joint efforts of all parties in the industry to advance it. Geely’s Yiyi Power has already achieved good results in many cities and continues to expand across the country. Through this strategic cooperation in battery swapping, the two parties will strengthen their cooperation in the battery swapping industry chain, accelerate the adoption of unified standards, expand the ecosystem for battery swapping and charging, support the low-carbon transformation and high-quality development of the automotive industry, and offer a better electric mobility experience for users.”

NIO and Changan Auto
The partnership agreement represents the second company joining NIO’s Battery Swap technology after the signing of Changan Auto and NIO on November 21st, 2023. Changan Automobile is one of the top four automobile groups in China with a domestic and global manufacturing presence which achieved cumulative sales as of October 2023 of 25.6 million units.

The two parties will jointly facilitate the formulation of standards for swappable batteries, build and share the battery swapping network, develop swappable vehicles, and establish an efficient battery asset management mechanism.

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