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INTERVIEW- Petronas Global Domenico Ciaglia

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Automobile Magazine – Q&A Document

Spokesperson – Domenico Ciaglia, EMEA Managing Director at PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI)

Mr. Domenico Ciaglia, as EMEA Managing Director at PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI), could you please tell our readers a little bit about the benefits and challenges of your work?

 Answer: With any role, you cannot truly enjoy the benefits without experiencing the challenges – they go hand in hand. The key benefit or privilege is to be able to direct and work with a truly great team of motivated and committed professionals that continuously bring better value to all our partners and customers across our great region in the fast paced environment of our changing world.  Indeed, the automotive industry is constantly evolving, and this is a constant challenge that pushes us to adapt and respond with new solutions and propositions to be successful over time. 

For example, most recently we have been developing new technology and finding new solutions to accelerate us towards a more sustainably minded future thanks to our PETRONAS Syntium and PETRONAS Iona ranges.

 Mr. Ciaglia, what do you think has changed in the lubricants sector lately?

Answer: The industry is listening more to consumer and markets demands and macro trends; for example there is a much greater understanding of the importance of sustainability, a serious change is taking place in the sector and in the use of lubricants, especially in terms of hybrid vehicles and EVs. At PLI, we have been at the forefront of this movement with our vision and proposition via PETRONAS Iona range, our most advanced fluid solution proposition that has been expertly designed for electric vehicles and formulated to help accelerate a net-zero future.

In addition to this, security of supply of the critical resources has been a major challenge within the industry of late and will continue to be a critical factor also in future.  As a truly global lubricants player, we are leveraging on size, position in the international markets across the globe to strengthen critical partnerships across the value chain to be able to continue to secure the critical raw material and components for our high technology products and fluid and lubricants solutions that meet the most stringent current and future markets demands, made available through our OEM partners, distributors and customers in all markets.

This is critically important because professionals and consumers alike are increasingly becoming conscious of the importance of using qualified, certified high quality products from reliable companies to protect their vehicles and guarantee optimal performance and efficiency. For this reason, it is essential to keep sharing also with consumers (end-users) the importance of selecting the right lubricating oils for their vehicle to extend vehicle lifespan, improve engine performance and health, save on maintenance costs, and be more sustainable (environmental sustainability) by doing so.

Do you find it difficult to explain the importance of PETRONAS and Lubricants?

Answer: Today, vehicle owners aim to do everything they can to extend the life of their machines and maintain their optimal performance. PETRONAS plays a key role in offering the best solutions that address all the key requirements and expectations of an evolving and more demanding market – from engine lubrication (for Ice engines to hybrids), to functional fluids such as transmission, and differential oils such as brake fluids which we believe to be the hidden heroes that help guarantee optimal efficiency while preserving the value of vehicles and protecting all the moving parts, in the meantime.

We have also intensified our marketing and promotional activities which along with our Formula 1 technological partnership and sponsorship with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, have helped us boost the true essence of our brand and value proposition – and to explain the benefits across all the product ranges. Along with these activities, we continue, directly and in partnership specialized professionals, to inform, educate, and support vehicle and fleet owners and engine experts, both online and in person, in market.

What is the importance of PETRONAS Syntium products and the value they add to the brand?

Answer: PETRONAS Syntium is the lubricant originally designed for the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. It delivers the best for vehicles both on and off the track thanks to its CoolTech+™ technology, which provides up to 3% better fuel economy by lubricating moving parts more efficiently for wear protection. It also keeps the engine cool by removing friction and reducing the heat generated by combustion, for cleaner, cost-effective, and efficient mobility.

Improving fuel efficiency also keeps the engine at the ideal operating temperature reducing the total heat generated by combustion and reducing maintenance costs.

  1. What is PETRONAS Lubricants International’s biggest strength in its industry?

Answer: The indisputable strength of PLI is its R&D capability. Together with our state of the art Global R&D Center in Turin, we develop and produce our famous technologically advanced lubricants and fluids to increase performance, and prolong the life of vehicles for OEM manufacturers, componenet supply industry, end-users / consumers, and fleet managers alike. We develop and test our products under the toughest conditions both in and outside of our labs, in environments such as Formula 1 or the Dakar Rally. Our relationship with racetracks also put us in a unique position, allowing us to provide motorsport-quality technology to all kinds of drivers around the world.

PLI is a company with a long history and resources that can respond quickly to the ever-changing customer or stakeholder needs. Because of our expert technicians, we can provide concrete answers and solutions to the real needs of businesses with the specialist products and services we have developed.

How would you interpret PETRONAS and Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 motorsport partnership?

Answer: On the track, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team uses PETRONAS Syntium which, with its CoolTech+™ technology, enables the racing car to achieve a thermal efficiency of over 50%, making it the most efficient racing engine ever created.

Also, PETRONAS is title sponsor of the undisputed F1 leader in recent years and it is thanks to this partnership that we can deliver the same quality of lubricants for vehicles on road and off across the globe.

What kind of development strategy do you implement for the Middle East and European market of PLI in Turkey?

Answer: Within EMEA, Turkey and the Middle East are amongst what we consider to be our top “star” markets, which stand out for their rapid population and GDP growth and development and demand for better products and services; therefore, we give special importance to our partners, customers and prospects in this region, as they represent a tremendous opportunity for growth and value offering to them.  With our offices both in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, and via our on-ground, extremely qualified and dedicated team of professionals positioned across these territories, we are providing solid business, technology and operational support to provide the best products, services and customer experience to support our ambitious growth agenda to affirm PETRONAS as a preferred brand across the region, while meantime boosting revenue sales for us and for our business partners.

You will exhibit your new products at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, Germany. What are you aiming for at the fair?

Answer: At Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, we are showcasing our new lubricating oils and technical solutions for the demanding and ever-changing needs of vehicle users, vehicle manufacturers and engine builders – from ICE to hybrid to EVs. This year’s Automechanika Trade Fair draws attention to find more sustainable solutions for vehicle owners and that’s why, PLI will showcase the brand-new next – gen PETRONAS Syntium lubricants originally designed for the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One team; and now available for the vehicles of consumer in market.  As I’ve mentioned before, our new PETRONAS Syntium engine lubricants technology reduces vehicle emissions and fuel consumption by up to 3%, saves drivers money and minimizes the environmental impact of driving. The new series not only provides 37.8% more protection against wear and tear of critical parts in the engine but also targets critical areas to prevent deposits from forming. This means that our new and improved oil can reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of vehicles.

This year, visitors will also be able to learn about the PETRONAS Network, the family of PETRONAS Branded Services. This means that PETRONAS offers full service and ongoing maintenance for cars and commercial vehicles thanks to the exceptional quality of our fluids and lubricants solutions. Distributors and workshops at the show will be able to learn more about joining the Network.

On top of all this, we are presenting our Bag-in-Box packaging solution which reduces the quantity of plastic versus similar full plastic alternatives by 92% – currently being rolled-out for selected PETRONAS Syntium products across the EMEA region; and we are also presenting our new PETRONAS Tutela coolant / antifreeze offering (which covers the Asian – Japanese OEM requirements) available from Fall 2022 and finally our PETRONAS Iona offering for EV vehicles.

Mr. Ciaglia, finally, do you have a message or something to say on behalf of PETRONAS Lubricants International to our Automobile Magazine readers?

 Answer: On behalf of PETRONAS Lubricants International I wish to share our sense of pride for our strong foundations and history within the Turkish market and for our success in collaboration with our partners and customers who with the support of our great Turkish team have helped to make PETRONAS name, brand and products an industry leading proposition in the market.  We want to thank all our supporters, as well as the fans and partners of Automobile Magazine for the attention and interest,  as we share our excitement for what we have achieved, what we are trying to achieve and for what is to come in the future.

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