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CALLUM reveals SKYE: The world’s most beautiful high-performance, multi-terrain vehicle

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November 2023: CALLUM today reveals CALLUM SKYE, the brand’s high-performance multi-terrain electric vehicle, created for discerning owners seeking extraordinary on- and off-road adventures. CALLUM SKYE is the company’s first own brand vehicle fully conceived, designed and engineered in-house.

Breaking new ground for CALLUM and the industry, SKYE occupies a distinctive space in the automotive landscape. Distinguished from counterparts in the compact multi-terrain vehicle segment, occupants are fully enclosed in a comfortable, refined cabin environment with a purposeful 2+2 layout. Its sophisticated design language results in a commanding yet elegant sculpted form, focused on its rugged practical capabilities and off-road prowess.

“At four metres long, the CALLUM SKYE is dramatically proportioned with a concise exterior aesthetic driven by its capabilities. It has been designed to exceed expectations: minimal mass, maximum capability – exceptionally usable and an absolute joy to drive,” explains Ian Callum, head of design at CALLUM.

“The exterior features a striking accent loop, intersected by a strong horizontal structure, flanked by organic forms front and rear. It is pared down to a level of necessity and understatement. At the heart of its story is its performance, style and capability, and a design integral to the engineering elements. For example, the lower section of the doors have beautifully integrated glass, offering outstanding visibility in all conditions. I believe the SKYE is truly authentic – unique in concept and presence in the market.”

Meticulously designed and engineered to be exhilarating and rewarding on-road, the all-electric, all-wheel-drive CALLUM SKYE is exceedingly capable off-road, underpinned by a durable technical specification at its core. Measuring 4,047mm in length and 1,900mm in width, SKYE uses a rugged space frame chassis with trail-capable suspension that delivers appropriate ground clearance as well as comfort and compliance across diverse terrains. Its 42kWh lithium-ion battery endows it with an anticipated range of 170 miles, with customers able to specify an advanced, ultra-fast charging battery capable of a remarkable empty-to-full charge in under ten minutes. With a target dry weight of 1,150kg and impeccably balanced 50/50 weight distribution, the CALLUM SKYE is expected to accelerate 0-60mph in under four seconds.

Adam Donfrancesco, head of engineering at CALLUM, says: “We set an uncompromisingly high bar with our functional targets for the CALLUM SKYE, creating a compelling, unique, versatile and durable vehicle. Throughout the development journey, we have held steadfast to the principals of simplicity and integrity, ensuring the CALLUM SKYE conquers the rigorous demands of a variety of off-road terrains, while still delivering the ride comfort and handling that transforms winding country roads into captivating experiences for both the driver and passengers.”

Whether journeying on meandering roads, grassy paddocks, crisp gravel tracks, pristine sand or snow-clad landscapes, it’s ready for its next adventure. With its fully enclosed cabin, there’s no need for specialist or protective attire to drive it; CALLUM’s mission is to offer unfettered fun and enjoyment without mess or hassle. Significantly quieter than ICE equivalents, it is poised to capture attention while leaving nothing but tread tracks behind.

CALLUM SKYE is undergoing diligent engineering refinement and rigorous testing in the UK and Europe ahead of releasing details of definitive specifications and curated variants, each finely tailored for focused on- or off-road use, in spring 2024.

David Fairbairn, managing director at CALLUM, adds: “The CALLUM SKYE addresses a void in the market, endowing discerning owners with a bold, beautifully-engineered off-road vehicle that beckons to be enjoyed, giving a sense of fun, freedom and escapism. It’s an exceptionally capable vehicle with the refinement of boutique craftsmanship. And with its battery options, our ambition is for the CALLUM SKYE to make a big impression on the industry, while ensuring it doesn’t have a negative environmental impact.”

Enthusiasts wishing to be at the vanguard of electric off-roading are invited to register their interest in the CALLUM SKYE at

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